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Top Photo Tagged Spots In Playa Del Carmen – Social Media GeoTagging

Top Photo Tagged Spots In Playa Del Carmen – Social Media GeoTagging

Social Media and Mobile Devices play an integral part in our daily lives. Wherever we go, whether we like it or not, we leave a digital footprint when we check-in or upload pictures on Facebook, Swarm, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram or any other GEO-Tag Application.

The site, Sightsmap, ranks the most popular places that people like based on the number of photos uploaded at each place. The heatmaps take all of the above mentioned Apps into consideration in determining their hotspot rankings over a Google Map layout. The dark areas have few photos, the purple areas have more and the yellow areas have a large number of photos geotagged.The goal is to find and explore places interesting for tourism and sightseeing.

What Are Playa Del Carmen’s Top Photo Spots In Social Media?
Below are all the Top GEO-Tagged Spots in Playa Del Carmen as compiled by all the social check-in mobile apps. We are simply reporting what’s popular overall. This list does not necessarily reflect what we here at Friendly consider the top spots!! Our rankings would look vastly different! However, we have marked the places in the Top 10’s that are Friendly Recommended with a icon-star!

Either way, its fun to see what is popular overall in Playa with visitor and locals alike in each of the 6 categories that we have compiled!

icon-camera TOP 10 Photo Tagged

Most Photo Tagged GEO Spots: Mamitas Beach Playa Del Carmen

[1] Mamitas Beach  icon-star
[2] Kool Beach
[3] Indigo Beach  icon-star
[4] Shangri-La Beach  icon-star
[5] Playacar Beach
[6] Canibal Royal Beach  icon-star
[7] Mosquito Beach  icon-star
[8] Fusion Beach  icon-star
[9] Xaman-Ha Beach
[10] Las Palapas Beach  icon-star


icon-camera TOP 10 Photo Tagged

Top Photo Tagged GEO Spots: Coco Bongo Playa Del Carmen

[1] Coco Bongo
[2] Mandala
[3] La Santanera  icon-star
[4] Blue Parrot
[5] Diablito Cha Cha Cha  icon-star
[6] Mezcalinna  icon-star
[7] Deseo Hotel + Lounge  icon-star
[8] Coco Maya
[9] Palazzo
[10] Dolores YucaBar icon-star


icon-camera TOP 10 Photo Tagged

Top Photo Tagged GEO Spots: Reina Roja Playa Del Carmen

[1] Reina Roja  icon-star
[2] Be Playa  icon-star
[3] Deseo Hotel + Lounge  icon-star
[4] Las Palapas  icon-star
[5] The Palm At Playa  icon-star
[6] Grand Porto Real
[7] El Taj  icon-star
[8] La Tortuga
[9] The Royal
[10] Riu Palace Playacar


icon-camera TOP 10 Photo Tagged

Top Photo Tagged GEO Spots: Chez Celine Playa Del Carmen

[1] Chez-Celine  icon-star
[2] Diablito Cha Cha Cha  icon-star
[3] Los Aguachiles  icon-star
[4] Almirante Pech  icon-star
[5] Cueva Del Chango  icon-star
[6] Piola  icon-star
[7] SushiClub  icon-star
[8] El 10  icon-star
[9] La Peñita De Jaltemba  icon-star
[10] Maiz De Mar  icon-star


icon-camera TOP 10 Photo Tagged

Top Photo Tagged GEO Spots: Starbucks Playa Del Carmen

[1] Starbucks (Calle 28 Nte y Calle 30 Nte)  icon-star
[2] Starbucks (Paseo Del Carmen)
[3] Ah Cacao (Av. Constituyentes)
[4] Ah Cacao (Calle 30 Norte)  icon-star
[5] Starbucks (Calle 10)
[6] Starbucks (Xaman-Ha, Playacar)
[7] Starbucks (Quinta Alegria)  icon-star
[8] Ah Cacao (Calle 38)
[9] Pasteleria (Recently Closed)
[10] The Little Teapot  icon-star


icon-camera TOP 10 Photo Tagged

Top Photo Tagged GEO Spots: The Palm At Playa Playa Del Carmen

[1] The Palm At Playa  icon-star
[2] Reina Roja  icon-star
[3] The Royal Resort
[4] Kool Beach Club
[5] Paradisus La Perla
[6] Deseo Hotel + Lounge  icon-star
[7] Be Playa  icon-star
[8] La Tortuga Hotel
[9] Riu Palace
[10] Grand Porto Real



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